Home Reviews Buyers Guide Airflo RIO Scientific Anglers Flylinereview.com - You Don't Know Until You're In The Loop! Airflo Fly Line: Crafting high-end specialty fly lines since 1982, Airflo was the world's first company to offer a selection of 100% PVC-free fly line. Innovation has clearly become a hallmark that has lead Airflo to create a bevy of technologies, including density compensation, low stretch power cores, and RIDGE Technology. Such ingenuity has helped establish Airflo as a leading manufacturer of specialty fly lines. In fact, popular series's like Freshwater, Saltwater, and Forty-Plus are among the extremely wide variety of lines available under this brand. The unique features Airflo makes available, through many of their flyline offerings, really shine in a tropical setting. The Airflo Saltwater series utilize many of these innovations to provide a fly line that excels in the same heat that makes tropical fly fishing so appealing. Whether your casting their floating, sinking, or intermediate variety of line, fishing the high seas is a real pleasure when you have the Saltwater series on board. For fly fisherman who prefer to fish high-mountain lakes, rivers, or streams, Airflo has created the ever-popular Freshwater Series. Land-locked anglers require a fly line that can perform in many types of environments. As such, Airflo's Freshwater Series comes in a wide variety of flavors, including trout, bass, sinking, and muskie. With the rising popularity in switch & spey fly fishing, anglers can take comfort in knowing that Airflo has engineered a fly line with switch casting in mind. The aptly named Spey series presents a fly line that comes in a variety of tips and tapers to suit almost any spey fisherman's needs. With selections ranging from skaggit to switch and spey lines. the Airflo Spey series offers a fly line that help anglers maintain control of their casts in event the roughest of conditions. Though Airflo also produces a host of other fly lines, such as the Shooting Heads series, one element that remains consistent in each of their offerings is the quality in which each line is made. With a dry lubricant outer coating, the specialty fly lines produced by Airflo last long and stay cleaner then many other lines on the market. When looking for a quality fly line, you can't go wrong with Airflo as you always have a vast array of options! Airfo Fly Line Reviews: 4 Airflo Ridge Clear Tactical Floating Fly Line Airflo Ridge Supple Impact Fly Line Airflo Ridge Supple Tactical Fly Line Airflo Speydicator Fly Line Page 1/1   Ridge Clear Tactical Floating Line Most Recent Review: SA Mastery GPX - 96% "Great Rating" View Full Review Home Reviews Buyers Guide RIO Airflo Scientific Anglers Copyright 2013 - www.flylinereview.com - In The Loop Fly Line Reviews