Home Reviews Buyers Guide Airflo RIO Scientific Anglers Flylinereview.com - You Don't Know Until You're In The Loop! RIO Fly Line: RIO Products is a producer of ultra-high quality fly line and has been a leading manufacture since 1990. Since their inception, RIO has continued the evolution of their product year-over-year. Though renowned for their RIO Grand and RIO Gold fly line, RIO has also garnered a reputation as a maker of fantastic floating lines that shoot slicker then other lines in the category. Because RIO Products view their fly line as a constant work in progress, they have developed a catalog of diverse line that is sure to impress the most avid anglers. The large catalog of fly line produced by RIO really becomes evident when reviewing their Freshwater Series. Not only does RIO produce exceptional cold water lines, but they also create fly line for almost any habitat and weather condition. Many of the Freshwater offerings also feature a wide selection of different tapers, bodies, and tips that allow anglers to pick a fly line flavor that matches their needs. Whether your fishing their trout, lake, sink-tip, or specialty Freshwater line, serious anglers can pick a variation perfect for any condition. Saltwater fishing enthusiasts understand that ocean fishing can offer some of the harshest conditions for fly line to endure. A Saltwater line must be durable enough to endure rough elements, like coral and course sand, while stiff enough to survive sweltering tropical heat. RIO's Saltwater series addresses these issues by introduction a bevy of specialty lines that allows anglers to fish a variety of species, including Tarpon, Bonefish, Barracuda, and Redfish. In fact, RIO has also developed a cold-water portfolio, within the Saltwater series, perfect for pursuing Striper and Atlantic Salmon. Since their inception, RIO has made developing fly line for spey and switch fishing a priority. Continually striving to make a fly line that allows spey fisherman to fish a variety of rough conditions with ease, has been their top priority. Their efforts have resulted in the creation of the Spey series, which has grown to include various flavors, including skagit, Scandinavian, spey, switch, and shooting lines. In fact, RIO considers their skagit fly line to be the most revolutionary line ever created. RIO Products has endured the test of time to become a leader in the fly line industry. By focusing on quality and continually improving their products, RIO has steadily added to their portfolio. The result is a fly line catalog that features, virtually, every type of flyline imaginable. It's almost a sure bet that your local fly shop carries a nice selection of RIO lines. You just can't go wrong with RIO! RIO Fly Line Reviews: 4 RIO Gold Fly Line RIO Grand Fly Line RIO Power Fly line RIO Switch Fly Line Page 1/1   RIO Grand Fly Line Most Recent Review: SA Mastery GPX - 96% "Great Rating" View Full Review Home Reviews Buyers Guide Airflo RIO Scientific Anglers Copyright 2013 - www.flylinereview.com - In The Loop Fly Line Reviews