Home Reviews Buyers Guide Airflo RIO Scientific Anglers Flylinereview.com - You Don't Know Until You're In The Loop! Scientific Anglers Fly Line: Scientific Anglers has been crafting high-end fly line since 1945 and is well known for taking a radical approach to fly line design. As one of the longer established producers of fly line, Scientific Anglers has continued to make advancements in fly line development throughout their 60+ year history. Their most notable accomplishment is the invention of modern line coating technology (PVC), which has gained them much notoriety. Because they always strives to be be on the cutting-edge of fly line technology development, anglers looking for extreme characteristics in a flyline should look no further then Scientific Anglers. A prime example of Scientific Anglers radical departure from traditional fly line was the creation of their Sharkskin series of textured lines. By allowing Scientific Anglers to create a fly line with a pebbled finish, Sharkskin technology has lead to the development of a series of lines which provided characteristics that support greater buoyancy and durability. In addition, the Sharkskin series is, perhaps, most noteworthy for the shooting capabilities, as the fly line shoots extremely well due to less surface area coming in contact with the guides. For anglers looking to get extra distance out of each cast, Scientific Anglers has created their Supra series of fly line. Featuring Advanced Shooting Technology, the Supra series maintains continual line slickness allowing the line to shoot through the guides with practically no friction. In contrast to the Supra series, Scientific Angers has also created the Mastery series for anglers looking for more accuracy and control. With a superior line coating and a variety of innovative tapers, the Mastery Series is perfect for anglers craving a slick and supple fly line that is perfect for fishing dries. Of all the fly lines offered by Scientific Anglers, the Aircel series most exemplifies the quality and innovation that Scientific Anglers has become known for. This classic fly line practically launched the era of modern floating fly line by providing an all purpose line with tapers perfect for beginners. With low memory and dependable flotations, the Aircel series features lines that can be fished in almost any weather condition. Anglers looking for a go-to flyline should look no further then the Aircel series by Scientific Anglers. Scientific Anglers has embraced innovation since their inception. By creating such technologies as the modern fly line coating, textured fly line, and Advanced Shooting Technology (AST), Scientific Anglers has proven time-and-time again that fly fishing just wouldn't be the same without them. Their wide selection of fly line (with serieses covering both freshwater and saltwater) and esteemed reputation have allowed this fine company to firmly entrench themselves in the world of fly line. Scientific Anglers Fly Line Reviews: 4 Scientific Anglers Mastery Series GPX Fly Line Scientific Anglers Mastery Series Trout Fly Line Scientific Anglers Mastery Series VPT Fly Line Scientific Anglers Mastery Textured Series Nymph Indicator Fly Line Scientific Anglers Supra Floating Fly Line Page 1/1   Mastery Textured Series Nymph Indicator Most Recent Review: SA Mastery GPX - 96% "Great Rating" View Full Review Home Reviews Buyers Guide Airflo RIO Scientific Anglers Copyright 2013 - www.flylinereview.com - In The Loop Fly Line Reviews