Home Reviews Buyers Guide Airflo RIO Scientific Anglers Flylinereview.com - You Don't Know Until You're In The Loop! RIO Gold Fly Line RIO Gold bills itself as the "ultimate all-around floating line for trout." A bold claim, indeed. So does the product actually live up to the hype? Is it actually the top of it's class? In our eyes, the short answer is yes! You'll notice that RIO Grand line is an aggressive, weight-forward fly line. It runs surprisingly heavy in the first thirty or so feet of the line, while finishing extremely smooth. Similar to the Grand, the RIO Gold runs roughly a size thicker than the number on the box would suggest. This pays off by giving a little extra distance on each cast and providing some very nice floating characteristics. RIO particularity likes to highlight the line's incredible loop stability on long-distance casting. Aided by extra size and a long rear taper, the increased stability is partly thanks to their MaxCast technology. RIO has put considerable research into it's coating technology which has resulted in an extremely slick, supple line that launches amazingly well. RIO has also hit a sweet spot in regards to the core and stretchiness of the RIO Gold Fly Line. This line has a hint of play, yet remains just tight enough to handle. Mending and rolling this line is a delight. A lot of time and effort has clearly been put into perfecting the core if this line. And it shows... Beyond MaxCast, RIO Gold has another coating tech known as AgentX. This coating is something that RIO scientists have cooked up to enhance the fly line durability while increasing it's slickness. The increased slickness helps the fly line shoot through the guides which probably adds a little bit to your cast. All these coatings also make the line feel quite supple and buttery. Another feature that is often talked about is how well the RIO Gold Fly Line floats. This is a result of two things: the aforementioned extra thickness and the MaxFloat fly line coating. The extra thickness lends a little extra buoyancy, due to the extra surface area. The MaxFloat, as the name suggests, acts against the water to keep your line nice and high. These features give RIO Gold excellent durability... A very nice side-effect. The line doesn't stiffen up, or lose it's supple nature in cold weather. Adding these great features only add to it's billing as a great all-purpose trout line. RIO Gold Fly Line is also blessed with RIO's DualTone marking system, which identifies the loading area of the line making it easier to know when you're in danger of getting into your running line. Also worth noting are the high-quality, welded front and back loops. Everything about this line screams quality! The RIO Gold offering is a high-floating line with great launching capabilities and a tip that doesn't sink. No matter what kind situation you find yourself in, it's hard to go wrong with this fly line. This is a top shelf fly line that has managed to live up to RIO's bold claims; It's as impressive as it is versatile! RIO Gold Fly Line
Final Score: 99% Perhaps the best floating line on the market! Buy RIO Gold fly line
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